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NBA 2K20 comes with lots of music

NBA 2K19 MT Sports games generally have a strong emphasis on musical background. Because in these rarest cases the music is played during the specific gameplay rather in the menu so it doesn't matter what the players entertain there. This is something that 2K Games has been paying attention to for a long time and it won't be different for NBA 2K20 coming in the fall.

To date there are confirmed more than 50 songs by artists like Drake Meek Mill Billie Eilish Post Malone or the late Nipsey Hussle among others. Throughout the year more songs from different genres will come dynamically such as hip hop R&B electronics pop and rock. In addition to the new soundtrack 2K and UnitedMasters begin a worldwide search to discover new artists and songs to add to the game. From August 1 to September 15 artists can submit their song through the UnitedMasters app where they will be evaluated by Steve Stoute himself and a panel full of celebrities. The 10 best songs will reach the game's soundtrack in a future update.

The creators promise nothing less than most music in the history of the series with more than fifty songs in the game's repertoire. These are selected by the makers with UnitedMasters approval. The list will feature artists like Drake Meek Mill Billie Eilish Post Malone and the late Nipsey Hussle.

Remember that this year Anthony Davis and Dwayne Wade are the athletes selected for the covers. Davis six-time NBA All-Star named three times as part of the Best NBA Quintet and winner of the Olympic gold medal in 2012 returns as a star for the Deluxe and Standard editions. Meanwhile Dwyane Wade three-time NBA champion thirteen times All-Star Buy NBA 2K19 MT Coins 2008 Olympic gold medal and MVP of the 2006 NBA Finals will be the cover of the Legend Edition.

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