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Aggrend then gives an example of the way wow

"There's no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem because different people are looking for different things, and a lot of seemingly obvious solutions aren't obvious," Aggrend writes buy WoTLK Gold.
Server imbalances don't belong but they are encountered in Burning Crusade Classic or WoW Classic. There have been many stories concerning certain servers in old school MMORPGs being populated by close to 90% Horde players, or and vice versa. In most cases, when a server is rumored to be overrun by one particular faction, guilds belonging to the opposing side, rather than continuing to endure it, will opt to switch to a server that has an improved balance of population. This is particularly true in PvP servers in which a healthy fight between factions is essential for the server's popularity.
Aggrend then gives an example of the way in which trying to "fix" issues for specific types of players with regards to server balance could unintentionally impact the experience of a lot more players, rather than benefiting. He suggests an instance where a PvP server has a player base which is 40% Alliance and 60% Horde. While most players would be content, a few Alliance players don't like being outnumbered. Were Blizzard to allow free character transfers to that realm, those discontent Alliance players would move to a server that has an improved balance of population. But the side effect will be that the server those players once lived on could become 75 percentage Horde server that would create a more unpleasant experience for players who were happy with their previous balance.
"In the example above an action that was well-intentioned to benefit the unhappy 20% could end up hurting more people than it would have helped," Aggrend writes. "This is a major part of the issue and the reason that causes us to take a great deal of time to consider factors before taking any actions which affect realm populations and balance between factions."
Although Blizzard was able to allow free transfer of characters on specific Burning Crusade Classic servers in November 2021. Aggrend goes on to admit that the issue could have been communicated more clearly and Blizzard could have allowed free transfer of characters for certain servers earlier buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold.

on November 21 at 7:38

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