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NBA 2K23 revealed some the player ranking on Monday

If things go well on the server's side, then troubleshooting can be completed by the player. Rebooting either the console or the PC could resolve any remaining issues, and MT 2K23 if it continues to be a problem, then the alternative is uninstalling the game and then getting a new installation going. This will take some time, but it is more than likely to get rid of the error code.
You can also monitor the 2K Support Twitter feed, which will provide up to date information regarding the game , as well as any other possible mistakes to be aware of.
This is all you need to learn about fixing Error code 4B538E50 for NBA 2K23. For more details on the basketball juggernaut, be certain to go through the articles below. For other scenarios, you can consult our numerous guides, including how to master the pick and roll, how to fake a passes, and also how to contest calls to make your NBA 2K23 experience the best.
It's surely a new record? Pre-loads are rolling in for The PS5 version of NBA 2K23, and the game weighs the staggering 143GB size. It's going to take about a third the space available on a new console, assuming you haven't installed an additional SSD already. Basketball sims are known for its large install sizes, but it usually tops at around 100GB.
The latest release is quite large to be fair, and is packing the Michael Jordan campaign mode, which features documentary-like interludes. Also, there are multiple commentary teams to accompany its era specific Franchise mode which means that the play-byplays vary as you move through the years.
While it's a massive package overall, 2K Sports is going be required to reduce file sizes down as they go forward. Today it's true that this game is quite a beast therefore if you're planning to play the game on launch day, make sure you set aside some time to download all the files. You're sure to require it!
NBA 2K23 revealed some the player ranking on Monday. It's no surprise that some of the players rank at the top. Giannis Antetokounmpo was the winner of the top slot with a score of 97 overall. LeBron, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Nikola Jokic, and Joel Embiid follow Zion, who were all scores of 96 overall.
It's true, the highest rating Pelican player was Zion Williamson, with an score of 87 in the game.Many players in the comments section immediately expressed their displeasure at the seemingly low rankings for Williamson. He was ranked at the bottom since his rookie season.Remember that the rankings fluctuate and NBA 2K MT Coins can increase or decrease based upon your performance on the court. The last time we watched Zion Williamson play, he averaged almost 27 points per game on 60 percent shooting from the court and we can expect his rank to rise if he has similar performance.

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