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Wojciech Szczesny is the goalkeeper of choice

Wojciech Szczesny is the goalkeeper of FIFA 23 Coins choice for Juventus for a number of years. He joined the club in the year 2017 and, during his time, he gained the reputation as one of the best goalie players in Serie A.
Unfortunately both Szczesny and Juventus are in a phase of decline. After winning the league for nine consecutive seasons, they have finished outside the top three in the past two seasons. Despite his inconsistent performance, Szczesny's score has only been reduced by 1 point, meaning for FIFA 23 his card is rated at 86.
There was a lot of speculation regarding Skriniar's future club in the summerof this year, which included Paris Saint Germain looking the most certain of luring this Slovakian player to join the French League. However, the deal never materialized, and now Skriniar is fighting to be able to claim the top spot within the French League.
"Wins to watch" means that the team of the player gets three wins out of the next eight domestic games (starting October 30) They will be awarded an additional stats upgrade that is equivalent to an additional in-form. Thus, if Man City win 3/8 games, Haaland gets another +1 over and above any in-form updates he receives. (Lol 'if'.)
Nations to Watch means that any player who has an Ones to Watch card whose country is involved in this year's World Cup will receive a one-time upgrade to their in-form if their team is victorious at the World Cup. Tough times for Erling on the eve of this tournament, it seems due to Norway's inability to participate. ('Tough times for Erling' is not something we expect to write on many other occasions this year/decade/millennium.)
The best part is that Nations to Watch players don't even need to be chosen for their national team in order to get the upgrade. So in the event that Gabriel Jesus somehow doesn't FUT 23 Coins for sale make the Brazil squad and his countrymen pick up one win in Qatar and win, the Arsenal striker will still receive an extra +1.

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