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Do you wonder why it's so hard shooting in NBA 2K23

Do you wonder why it's so hard shooting in NBA 2K23?
NBA 2K23 came with a lot more features than just an official roster. The newest installment to the most played basketball game ever included a variety of bizarre cosmetics, items that hover, and even an hover bike.Cosmetic things aren't the only thing, 2K23 also hauled over many new animations, and revamped shooting and dribbling in an incredibly way NBA 2K23 MT. With all the major gameplay changes made, it's no surprise fans are struggling to get used to the brand new gameplay. Here are some of the reasons shooting is much harder this year.
One of the most difficult issues when shooting is that initially there is no shot meters. In order to get one, just go to settings, click features, then control settings and then select the shot meter type.Another complaint that people have is that they've altered the green meters.
Players won't know if their shot was perfectly released until they've made the basket, a far difference from previous games. It may take some time to adapt however we suggest taking your time playing MyCareer to ensure you're familiar with NBA 2K's new shooting system.NBA 2K23 is compatible with the MyNBA2K23 mobile companion app that is available to download from the Google Play Store for Android phones and the Apple App Store for iOS devices.
This app lets you redeem Locker Room codes and use it to access the Scan Your Face feature for your MyPLAYER customized character in the MyCAREER mode. However, some players have reported that they are having trouble getting into the app and cannot use the anticipated face scan feature Buy 2K23 MT. This is 2K Games' official statement regarding the fix for the "failed to sign into 2K Sports" error message for the NBA 2K23 companion app.

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