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Madden NFL 23 analysts predicted for a Washington victory

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On This Stream Jaguars vs. Seahawks the 2013 Madden NFL 23 week 3 Russell Wilson throws 4 touchdowns in lopsided win between the Seahawks and Jaguars winning easily 'as we expected What to watch Seattle face Jacksonville Seahawks, Jaguars game preview. Watch all 8 storiesRedskins against. Vikings 2013 picks and predictions: Washington the popular pick
Coming off playoff appearances last season in the playoffs, the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings were both anticipating to be in postseason once again this season. Instead, the teams, with a combined score of 4-12 and are struggling to even keep themselves in possibility.
At 3-5 and with the NFC East, Washington has an excellent chance of making winning the playoffs than the 1-7 Vikings. A victory over Minnesota this Thursday could pull the Redskins close to .500 and the majority players in SB Nation's Madden NFL 23 experts believe to see exactly that. Six of SB Nation's Madden NFL 23 analysts predicted for a Washington victory , with only Matt Ufford choosing the Vikings.
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Washington is bouncing around this season, even though it has rebounded from its 0-3 start. The Redskins won a pair of victories that were close, but the wins were followed by blowout losses at Dallas and Denver.
Both teams statistically have a lot in common, and both offenses rely on the running game. Washington is ranked 12th on the Madden NFL 23 with regards to scoring with an average of 25.4 scores per match while Minnesota is 17th madden 23 coins buy, scoring 23.3 scores per match. Defense has been a massive issue for both teams , and is the main reason neither is currently in playoff contention. Minnesota is in 30th place in the league in scoring defense with the Vikings giving up 31.5 PPG. This is a bit ahead of Washington who is 31st with 31.6 PPG.
The Vikings will also benefit from the advantage of playing at home.

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