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Konar is one of the nine Slayer Master

In this time, regular loans could be OSRS gold double enjoyed in all talents. Participants have forty-eight hours of allotted time to burn through before the event's end. In the usual way, ironmen's obligations aren't a valid reason to participate.
Konar is one of the nine Slayer Master in Old School Runescape, however where do they sit and what benefits do they provide, and what amount of points do you earn from performing their job? Slayer is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable talents of Old School Runescape because it calls for gamers to tour across Gielinor and kill a hard and speedy amount of monsters.
In order to be assigned an assigned task, athletes need to be a part of one of the nine Slayer Masters scattered throughout the game's international. Although there's a particular grasp dependent on your stage of fight however, some offer particular benefits, and one in all them is Konar.
Instead of simply assigning a monster to kill, Konar calls for gamers to visit a particular vicinity for killing them, then when they the next visit, they'll stand a possibility of landing in Brimstone Keys. So, without the least, let's find out precisely in which Konar is positioned and how you can locate a few Brimstone Keys.
In the map in the above map, Konar quo Maten is located in the north-west region of the Zeah zone within the Kahlith agreement at the top of the mountain Karuulm. They're identified on the arena map using a glowing skull as an illustration of their location as a Slayer Master. It is possible to observe their as buy OSRS GP a status following a chest.

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