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Plan to install phone jammer in schools gets mixed reactions

The center's suggestions for installing jammers in schools to limit students' access to pornographic websites have drawn mixed reactions from teachers and students at schools in different cities. Although many people think that installing a cell phone jammer at school is not the solution, since children can access the Internet in several other places, including their homes and open Wi-Fi spaces in the city, some consider it a good choice. Plan.

"Children in their teens are not mature enough to use the Internet properly. Sometimes, out of curiosity or peer pressure, they may be exposed to content they shouldn't have contacted. Installing a "a jammer is a very good plan, even if Someone cannot inadvertently make such a mistake", counseling and pressure on moral values ​​can also affect children's behavior. “We counseled the students on the positives and negatives of using technology and instilled in them ethical values ​​so they could decide, good or bad,” Mishra added.

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Although schools across the city have banned cell phone use on campus, many children still took their phones to school secretly and were caught in surprise checks. School sources said more than one smartphone was sometimes taken from a student. "Like a driver's license, there should be a license to use a smartphone and restrictions should be placed on children under a certain age who do not use these gadgets. This is better than installing a wifi jammer in a school. Since this type of school has no activity, we follow the strict rules of confiscating calls, if they find it, "said Harish Sanduja, Director of SAI International School.

The use of smart phones can have various adverse health effects in children: childhood leukemia, impaired motor skills, delayed response, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, weakness and insomnia. He added that there should be strict laws in this regard. Some school authorities believe that parents should be educated and responsible for protecting their children from cell phone abuse. "Parents must first be educated and vigilant about the adverse effects of smart phones on the psychology and health of their children. The reach of schools is limited because they have no control over their children outside of school All technologies have their own pros and cons, we need to teach our students not to be slaves to technology, but to master it,” said KC Satpathy, DAV Public Schools District Director.

However, parents say that smartphones have become a necessity for children for safety reasons. "My son leaves at 6 a.m. and comes back at 8 p.m. after finishing school and tutoring. If I don't call him, I won't know what he's been doing all day. They also need a phone and the internet. To learn," said Rashmirekha Dash, the mother of a 17-year-old son. Students are in favor of installing jammers, saying that the internet or mobile devices are a major source of distraction for school. “Cellphones are definitely going to be distracting and cause a lot of trouble. It also leads to harassment, bullying and other forms of crime like web tracking,” said 12th grader Shristi. "We welcome this measure, which will certainly curb Internet abuse," said Soubhik Samal, another student.

on August 1 at 4:12

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