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World of warcraft's Legion expansion launched

The wow tbc classic gold player has reached the expansion's new level cap simply by picking flowers from the game's beginning zone. All players who pick the game's Pandaren race for their characters begin their game in the Wandering Isle, the neutral starting zone of all Pandaren players. They will need to choose one of World of Warcraft's two major groups, Alliance and Horde, after they have left the area before moving through the rest of the game's content.
The level cap that the just released World of Warcraft WotLK Classic expansion was introduced is significantly different from the previous World of Warcraft expansions. Instead of the cap being increased by 10 as before (the game's prior Battle for Azeroth expansion adjusted the game's level cap at 110 to 120), World of Warcraft WotLK Classic introduced the first level squish feature in the game, which reduced the level cap of the game from 120 to 60. As World of Warcraft WotLK Classic launched with the launch of the game, players would see their level cut in half depending on their current level, but their stats remained the exact same. Players who hit the previous level cap had their level cut to 50. The level squish, as well along with the other modifications as well as the brand new game content World of Warcraft WotLK Classic introduced contributed to it becoming the most popular PC game ever.
One player once more outdone himself, as the player was able to achieve the game's new level cap of 60 without ever having to leave the Wandering Isle and only through picking flowers. He remained a pacifist pandaren monk neutral, without any ties to either or the Alliance and/or the Horde. The player, named Doubleagent is sharing his latest attempt to pacify the world and attain the new cap on Twitter. Since World of Warcraft WotLK Classic was released on the 23rd of November it took only the span of 18 days Doubleagent to reach the new limit of 60.
Doubleagent previously achieved this same goal before when World of warcraft's Legion expansion launched, which made him level 110 from level 1 in the first instance, and again when Battle for Azeroth launched two years ago, when the player went from level 110 to 120. In an interview conducted by PC Gamer, it took Doubleagent 8.000 in-game hours to reach his initial goal of level 110 . In contrast, it took a total of an additional 240 hours in game - approximately 77 consecutive days - to move from 110 to 120. Doubleagent's achievements have already earned his the attention of Blizzard as the developer is the game introducing an NPC named the Venerable Shaman, that is based on his character from Wandering Isle.
The Heroic and Normal difficulties to Castle Nathria are now live and being the Mythic level and Raid Finder Wing 1 coming on December 15th. This Season 1 buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold series of raids is currently running through February 2nd, when Raid Finder Wing 4 is scheduled to start. Due to these frequent updates, the World of Warcraft's DPS rankings can shift as time passes, based on the level of difficulty in the raids that players are taking part in.

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