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How Do I Shower With Love Dolls?

Although real sex dolls are similar to humans, they are not real humans. Many friends want to have best sex dolls to accompany you when taking a bath, so you need to pay attention to some issues.

How to transport sex dolls?

Mini sex dolls have metal skeletons in their bodies and generally weigh more than 20 kilograms. Carrying anime sex dolls to the bathroom requires taking care that the metal parts of the soles of her feet do not scratch the floor. Placing real sex dolls directly in the bathtub can also cause damage. Therefore, it is recommended to wrap the best sex dolls in a blanket before shipping it.

sex doll

How To Wash Sex Dolls?

Anime sex dolls are not real humans, and are very different from humans even when they are in the bath. Mini sex dolls are not resistant to high temperature, so be careful not to make the water temperature too high. When I let go of the best sex dolls, I make sure it doesn't shake. Spread the legs of the real sex dolls apart to help clean the vagina and anus.

When washing life size sex dolls, be careful not to let water get in your neck. Because the sex doll has a metal frame inside, the water will cause the mini sex dolls to get wet and rust. You can use a damp towel to gently wipe the skin of the best sex dolls, and pay attention to dry the vagina and anus after using a special cleaner.

Real Doll WM#360

How To Care For Sex Dolls?

Oil and Vaseline can be applied to the body after the sister anime sex dolls. This will make the skin of the life size sex dolls smoother and more comfortable. After rubbing oil, you can apply talcum powder to keep it dry.
Be careful not to touch the real sex dolls with high temperature equipment easily, which will easily burn the best sex dolls and be difficult to repair.

The above are some tips for bathing and caring for mini sex dolls, hoping to help you who like life size sex dolls use anime sex dolls better.

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