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Development of an HD rendition of Old School Runescape

"Yesterday we contacted the developers of well-known HD projects and asked them to stop working on their games OSRS Gold, as this is an area we are directly investigating," Jagex stated. Jagex sent 117 an email stating that the company's efforts to develop the development of an HD rendition of Old School Runescape was "still fairly early in the exploration stage" however "very active."
"Naturally this means that any fan-driven project that intends to alter how Old School RuneScape appears will be contrary to our designs," Jagex wrote to 117. "We consider it essential that there be a consistent look with regards to the way Old School appears and therefore we'd like to ensure that our official changes are the only ones we have available.
I hope the news regarding the possibility that Jagex and his Old School team are tackling this project seriously is something that you are excited about however it could mean that we must respectfully request that you stop your personal project."
117 declared that they were offering Jagex an option that included removing their application once Jagex had released their own, and giving Jagex "collaborative power" over Runelite HD's design style.
"They refused to participate," 117 said. "I am beyond annoyed and frustrated by Jagex and am very disappointed I am so disappointed that, after this lengthy journey and a long time, I'm not able give you the opportunity to share this idea with you. The mod 117 has been working on doesn't appear to violate Jagex's rules for third-party players, but the Runescape developer has said it will be changing the guidelines in the coming week to include references to projects that alter the appearance that the game has.
Original Runelite developer Adam1210 has shared his views on Reddit in which he said that the decision to allow Runelite HD to continue would be beneficial for future updates made by Jagex.
"I also disagree strongly with adding it to the "third rules of third parties," Adam1210 said rs accounts for sale. "Most of those guidelines attempt to define what the line of distinction between quality of life] and gambling lies - and I think most people agree the current guidelines are a great depiction of that. Also, they help maintain the game integrity.

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