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Lost Ark 4th mokoko seed in Scraplands

How Do You Improve Rapport With An NPC?
Once an NPC is open to communication and you are able to build a stronger relationship with them by using relationships in a variety of ways:
Give gift: You are able to offer up to 99 rapport gifts to NPCs every day Lost Ark Gold. These gifts can increase Rapport to anywhere from 300 to 10.000 points. Read our 8 Ways to Find Rapport Gifts for more detailed information on gifts.
Play instruments: You are able to play music for Rapport increases five times a daily. Each NPC enjoys hearing at most one piece of sheet music, others are more. But it's only once per tune. You must find the songs they want to hear. Your instrument can give roughly 200-400 Rapport per song.
Show emotes: You may also communicate via emotes to Rapport NPCs, five times per each day. They work in the same method as playing an instrument. You must have identified the exact emotes you want to hear, and you could perform each one one time each day with an NPC. Again, each emote used will result in around 200-400 relationship with them.
Quests: At different points in your relationship, generally when you're trying to climb a Rapport rank An NPC might give you a Rapport quest or simple opportunity to have a chat. By completing and reading these questions, you may also earn you Rapport boosts with these.
What are the Rapport Ranks? Levels?
Not all NPCs in Rapport are as easy to impress as others. There are five ranks of 'Trust' that are available for each one:
Apart from these basic levels, each Rapport NPC may also have levels within the ranks. For instance cheapest Lost Ark Gold, you might have to go through levels Amicable One Two and Three before reaching Friendly One, so on. This information can be found by clicking on the question mark in front of the NPC's Rapport bar while you're in dialogue with them.

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