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One streamer has already praised the way Lost Ark handles its endgame over other games

With Lost Ark, players explore seven continents of vast size, encounter various cultures and weird beasts as well as improve their skills by engaging in ARPG-style battle Lost Ark Gold. The game also includes an array of content for the endgame just like other massive MMORPGs. The longer a particular Version of the game keeps playing for, the more additional content it provides dedicated players.
According to reports, Amazon Game Studios is already working with Smilegate RPG on post-launch content to ensure that both versions of the game can catch up. Amazon Game Studios franchise leader Soomin Park has stated that both different versions that are available for Lost Ark will always have several differences, players should quickly start to see some similarities between the game's content that is being made available for both. At the very least, one streamer has already praised the way Lost Ark handles its endgame over other games. This could mean that the developers already have a plan.
Gamers could be delighted to learn they're not alone. Amazon Game Studios intends to include feedback from players as a major aspect of how it operates in the future of the game. But, while the similar Amazon game New World has a public test world, it seems that a PTR is not in Lost Ark's future in the present. Western players also lack access to a few of the courses that the players in their Korean version are familiar with, including the Reaper and Artist specializations of the Assassin or Specialist categories. It appears that these additional classes, along with other features will likely appear on some kind of roadmap in the future. Yet, Lost Ark does not appear to currently have a roadmap.
In the March update of Lost Ark gamers will be welcomed with a new story episode and a massive endgame challenge called Abyss Raids. Based on the speed that Park suggests the developers want to achieve there's a chance that the game's roadmap could appear following the update. Once the roadmap is out players can get an accurate estimate of how long it's going to take for the west version of Lost Ark to catch up with the eastern version cheap Lost Ark Gold. Whatever the case, players can expect more content coming very soon.

on July 8 at 8:41

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