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Lost Ark players are not usually known for their passion for stories or the quest

Lost Ark: Best Continent Main Story Quests, Ranked
Unfortunately, Lost Ark players are not usually known for their passion for stories or the quest Lost Ark Gold. The majority of us tend to skip through all the dialogue and quest pop-ups until our 'G' key is reduced to a numb. In reality, there is a significant amount of narrative to be absorbed before you can play the entirety of the multiplayer-focused content like Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids.
But, if you've made a speedrun out of your first clear of every continent's Main Story questline, these quests are worthy of revisiting. If you give it the chance, you could realize the Lost Ark actually has a lot to offer in the storytelling department.
10 North Vern - To Ancient Elveria
The entry point into what we call "endgame" material in Lost Ark, North Vern receives a lot of publicity. As far as main story missions go However, the story's quests in North Vern are a little lackluster.The overall plot of resurrected knights from bygone time and demons who invade the once tranquil land (again) is fun enough, but the most exciting section of this whole adventure is the final fight in the ancient city of Elveria with Sigmund and his gang. Also, we meet a dragon at the conclusion of our adventure.
9 Rethramis - Demons In Prideholme
It is only natural that the initial stages of Lost Ark hold some of the best story quests in the game. To start off Lost Ark with a bang it is a good idea to get acquainted with Armen as well as the people of Prideholme but are taken on the Demons In Prideholme quest. With the city on fire and demons attacking the civilians, it is up to us to save the day from the monster Kharmine. Who doesn't want to be the role of the hero?
8 Anikka The First Match
The entire "tournament" story arc that follows Anikka is so fun and entertaining that it is completely memorable. Naturally, after an amount of time, the entire process of fighting off opponents and accumulating clues might become redundant Lost ark gold buy. But the combination of street fighter-style cutscenes as well as behind-the-scenes detective shenanigans is unlike nearly anything else in MMORPGs that have been released to date.

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