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Lost Ark phantom thief first hidden location of the story

At The Spring in Echoes Triport, head east-northeast towards the middle of this vast area. It is likely that you will come across an enormous circular areathat is covered with an enveloping layer of water. This is where Chaotic Chun spawns. When you get there you'll also encounter the mokoko seed Lost Ark Gold. If you reach the spawning point (marked in the maps) then you've gone too far to the east.
Lost Ark fifth to seventh mokoko seeds in Melody Forest
Take a northeastern route across the Spring of Echoes area, beyond The Chaotic Chuo spawn point, and then up to the tiny area on the northern side of the map. There's a bunch of bushes that can be destroyed here as well as on the opposite side, there is there is a hidden walkway that leads through the rocks, and away from the map. Walking around here could bring you three seeds.
Lost Ark eighth mokoko seed in Melody Forest
Then, head to the east from Spring of Echoes then follow the south-facing path. The first break is on the east direction, heading towards Jeok's Barrier. The final mokoko you will encounter is located in the region just to the north of Jeok's Barrier's Shadow Triport, amongst the undead, near the well that is visible.
Lost Ark: All Anikka Hidden Story Locations
Complete Adventurer's Tomes gives fantastic rewards in Lost Ark. If you're looking to earn the Ignea Token for Anikka, you'll need to work out. There are three dungeons that can be challenging and two bosses who are tough to beat. In addition, there are seven hidden stories.
The three stories contain three sections and two more. Three of them span several zones, one of that requires you to complete one dungeon, and then fight through the majority of the other. You'll have to be a seasoned Anikka player to conquer each one. However, your rewards from the tome be legendary, including treasure maps as well as other items of rapport.
Lost Ark letter to you hidden story's place
At Rattan Hill, starting from the Cold Haunted House Triport in Rattan Hill, head east toward Rattan Gardens. When you reach the gardens, you have the option to either leap across the fence on either your left or right. Turn to the left (north) and then stay on the west of the tiny area that you end up in. Examine the rocks next to the water for the letters.
Lost Ark phantom thief first hidden location of the story
It's a trilogy. After you've read the first part you'll be given 20 minutes to complete each of the two subsequent parts to finish it. If you don't you'll have to start over. But, all three pieces are within a reasonable distance of Changhun, the Port City Changhun, so there's no need to switch locations.
The first step is to proceed to the southwest part of the city, past The Fishing Spot. Take the stairs to the south of the seller of potion. Continue along the pathway until you can see a structure to your left with the blue circular design at the entrance buy gold lost ark. On the other side of the building, when you walk towards it there are some flower petals that are yellow on the ground. Examine them to start the story.

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