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These are just a few examples

PART 2: $FUCKU (who no one is talking about) is about the new $GME, guys,"listen up Animal Crossing Bells this is the most essential DD you will ever read" . Same as above with less beige, tired of browse half-assed DDs at the middle of the inventory motion of this century.
·Fearmongering, generally. I am tired of these posts. You seem like your spouse's boyfriend left even her because the weakness of your?? ?? Is intolerable. I replied hereto some of the most worrisome nightmares but you may do a fucking Google search before thinking shit from randos on Twitter.
These are just a few examples I found floating around like turds on the pond full of gold we are drinking from right today. I have the states tiniest hedge fund and that I joined over the weekend to get the motion and monday my dumb ass will be buying gamestop market fucking open since Ive been fucked by citadel so hard previously my asshole bled out.
Ironically I'm long other shares previously mentioned with this sub
for each and every person they attempt to Cheap Nook Miles Ticket ditch it theres a few idiotic up and cummer like me rallying to yalls defense.

on April 30 at 7:53

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