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We say they spend their time on MUT

Exactly. I'm just hoping the EA shareholders/institutions are aware of Mut 21 coins the fact and don't just take good news as good news. Unfortunately I don't think projected madden 21 sales volume has been made public. At least I have not seen it and I think I am relatively plugged in. They aren't feeling that much warmth if they are targeting Mid November. Regrettably sales were fairly good this year, so I do not expect much to change moving forward. Lets count how many upgrades MUT will get ahead of the NOVEMBER franchise upgrade. Already we've got an illustration this season. They fixed the MUT menu lag in 2-3 days-good for them. However, including a team column and playoff bracket to Franchise? 2-3 months.

It kinda bothers me that the majority of them are prefaced with"fans have been asking for this for many years" and we understand that they did not start developing these modifications until about a month or 2 ago in the least. What bothers me is they could have fixed this at anytime over the last console generation and have refused to. "This is something fans have wanted for many years" by saying that they're acknowledging they know what we desire and have intentionally refused to really do it. It is ridiculous that it took multiple viral anti-EA social media campaigns and a 0 metacritic score for them to provide us the bare minimum we desired. EAs higher ups are definitely messing with shit that surely makes it hard, but considering the devs behavior throughout all this I do not think that is the issue anymore, I think Clint should answer with this shitshow. All of us joked about how it was paste glue for years but it has not really become a reality until Clint took on the series. There's no shortage of information, EA has all the info they could ever need to boost madden nevertheless they continue to ignore it.

Hell we say they spend their time on MUT, but just how much does MUT really change year to year at a fundamental level? I dabble in it to get a cumulative 10 hours every year and it's always the same in the bottom. I do not understand these devs are doing all year. You're working at home, why do these basic upgrades take 3 weeks to release? Oh that's right it's cause you spend most of your time and resources on fucking MUT. It's clear they are feeling the strain from the neighborhood and they've seen all of the terrible reviews, but they nevertheless do not give a fuck. Just tell us this year is a wash already. I think it's more like 8 weeks to create Madden. I truly wish that EA would do what Activision did with CoD and earn another studio or 2 so they have more time to spend on the game. Imagine how great of a match that had 3 or 4 years of development is.

And that's a fantastic idea but I'm sure its yet to occur due to greed and money. Even with all the hate EA gets, they make a fuck ton away their games. They need to expand the development group or just create MUT its own different thing. I also really want these significant madden YouTubers would quit ripping packs in movies. I saw throne ripped $1000 in packs in one of his movies the other day. That just makes folks, including myself, wish to go rip some packs. It's a very negative trickle down effect. Or just upgrade the current iteration with fresh roster updates/franchise upgrades for 10 dollars a year or something. Idk. Anything else than what were currently becoming. They could but that also wouldn't fix how broken it is gameplay is. I recall when I played Madden 20 I thought hey that is far better than last years then just like after a week or 2 it only seemed like the code had been breaking down bugs and cheap Madden 21 coins glitches started appearing.

on October 15 at 3:33

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