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Villainous Uber drivers are resorting to updated tactics

Bear will attempt to elucidate the intricacies at play. Initially, there is the question of what and how they are obstructing. Bear will assume that they are causing interference rather than hacking, which is an entirely distinct affair.

In the case of a human losing network connection to Ubear while maintaining phone, data service, and GPS connectivity, the issue is most likely with the Ubear app. There is no reason to believe that nearby drivers are causing interference. When Ubear experiences a loss of coverage, which is frequent in its mountainous surroundings, no special steps need to be taken to restore access to U/L. This appears to be a problem with the human's phone.

If human is being jammed, most off-the-shelf (all illegal) jammers are going to be broadband and omnidirectional. In fact, bear finds in a search that such devices advertise their broadband capability. So any driver using one is going to potentially take out not only cell service but also TV broadcast (which still uses the parts of the good ol' UHF band that haven't been sold to the cell providers) and possibly GPS, and maybe even local 2.4GHz services (wifi, bluetooth), within the range of cell phone jammers. These devices aren't exactly subtle and many of them have a stupid amount of broadcast power. Bear saw one device with 8W transmit; in comparison, bear's marine radio normally uses 1W, but if bear is about to drown (bear can swim quite well) and needs the Coast Guard to come from miles away to save bear, bear can kick it up to 25W which gives range of up to 60 miles (the Coast Guard has bigass antennae to receive).

Thus, signal jammers will effectively disable their own capability to receive signal, ultimately disconnecting themselves from the network.

If you had a particularly sophisticated rideshare driver/jammer, they would deploy a network of directional jammers to yield a shaped jamming coverage that created a window for them to receive signal at these magical hotels, but block pings from going to outside drivers. Not impossible, radio stations have to shape their broadcast signals in order to avoid interference with surrounding markets. Just somewhat technically challenging for a rideshare driver with off-the-shelf equipment (bear did not see any directional antennae on the first few results in a Goggle search). This would be the type of thing that is going on in the Ukraine war with government-sponsored technicians.

In addition, it is crucial for a hotel to have a designated busy checkout time of around an hour. In a fixed location, this timeframe is set to a minimum of 15 minutes. This duration is much longer than the time the driver, who was caught jamming a particular cell tower during his morning commute, would have been causing disruptions. If individuals are actively interfering with GPS signals, it is likely that military interests would also take notice. Undoubtedly, any driver in Florida is never too far from a Coast Guard asset.

It is possible to consider that they possess a low-power device specifically designed for short-range usage. Their awareness of the human's habitual napping spot allows them to strategically position themselves nearby. By briefly interfering with their device's signal, they exploit the human's inadequate phone that is susceptible to such disruptions. Marvelous! Now all they need to do is replicate this action with the other ants patiently waiting in the vicinity, as they continue their drive.

All to earn $0.60/mile on a ride?

Bear recommends that individuals leave another service, like Pandora, running while they nap. If Pandora does not experience the same disruptions, it suggests that the person is not being jammed (unless they are only interfering with the GPS, which should not necessitate restarting their phone as described).

With a test receiver at its disposal, the Bear is capable of receiving signals across the entire spectrum, from FM to UHF, encompassing frequencies ranging from 75 to 900MHz. The Bear extends a warm invitation to humans to borrow this receiver! By selecting a TV band that corresponds to the human's local market and muting the audio signal of the TV station, the human can effectively combat interference. When gps jammers is activated, its disruptive noise will surpass the squelch, providing the human with undeniable confirmation.

on May 23 at 7:45

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