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It is undoubtedly the best boba tea I have ever needed

It is Animal Crossing Items undoubtedly the best boba tea I have ever needed. I can't wait until the next time I get to have it.

I am in California and there's literally so much smoke I can't go outdoors. This is just what I'm doing.

Me . And, somewhat morbidly, I continue needing a smore because everything smells like camping. I'm also trying not to take it personally that my villagers never offer to discuss their magic trick popsicles with me. Where do they come out?

Thank you! Animal crossing is one of those rare great things that came out of the dumpster fire that is 2020

Same here in Colorado. Our pine gulch wildfire is currently the largest wildfire in state history. I think it is almost contained now however, the smoke is really awful.

I can not even get boba because the nearest boba place is 30 minutes downtown, and that I don't have a Vehicle

This is definitely me... Especially since I Understand How to make boba from scratch and make it once a week

Basically me in school right now because we are not permitted to hang out with anybody. I can not stay with my boyfriend in his building and I Don't Have Any friends yet

Nah Isabelle will soon be happily talking abt her lost jeans and fav tv show even with all the entire world burning around her

Saw this Cheap Nook Miles Ticket same joke just like a week after the game came out. . .didn't think it'd still be accurate months after lol.

on October 7 at 9:08

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