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Rocket League Meets Stranger Things in Next Haunted Hallows Event

With smoothed out seasons in Rocket League Items, the Rocket Pass will follow the serious season. Beginning next Wednesday, we'll have a lot of new stuff to open, starting, obviously, with the new fight vehicle: the Harbinger. Styled after a vehicle from Rocket League's antecedent game, we're not exactly sure what hitbox it is utilizing yet, yet with the Merc having gotten another hitbox with this update, it isn't so much that unimaginable that the Harbinger additionally utilizes it.There's a lot of intriguing looking substance with regards to there, some of which you would already be able to find in the trailer. Of course, the exceptional form of the Rocket Pass will be 1000 credits, which is about $10 USD. 
A serious Rocket League Trading season isn't finished without a prize toward the end. Generally, we don't get the chance to see these prizes until near the end, yet this time Psyonix had them arranged for us. For Season 1, we'll be getting decals, which was a mainstream reward when it was presented back in Season 12. 

on October 1 at 4:10

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