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Separate the new hybrid purple mums and strain them together to produce green

I needed to Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells begin from scratch to get a green mum. First put yellow and crimson mums together. Subsequently some yellows will predominate. Put the new and only the newest yellows together. Those will create purples.

I have some yummy hybrid reds (the type guaranteed when bred together make blue roses) if you'd like them.

Thanks so much for your offer, but I'd love to try and get them on my own. I know it's kinda silly, but I feel like the achievement of getting all of the flowers will feel greater if it's self-sustained.

Learn from my errors! Not all purple mums are created equal. Color alone will not be sufficient.

To be able to breed green mums, first you need to breed red seed mums with yellow seed mums. Because of this you will get new yellow mums with reddish DNA.

Separate the new hybrid mums and strain them together to create the exceptional purple mums. These mums will have the red and yellowish DNA.

Separate the new hybrid purple mums and strain them together to produce green.

Make sure the purple mums are from literary (Hybrid) rather than out of White mums... I made the mistake of mixing my Purple mums from both resources and had to redo, but after you got the appropriate purple you can get Green quite fast (also possible to breed straight from Hybrid yellow).

For Blue Rose I followed the simple 4-step method (maybe not the 9-step which seemed far too complicated) and it took approximately 6 weeks for the cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells first one that I then cloned.... Haven't gotten any more from my first 4-step flower beds but the cloned ones are repeating fairly quickly. (I had to redo the rose method like I previously followed some incorrect breeding graph )

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