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Separate the new hybrid purple mums and strain them together to make green

I got purple end Animal Crossing Bells blossoms from blues and pinks together. And with just 1 friend help water. Still awaiting the green mommy!

Island purples have different genetics compared to the purples you get from breeding seed whites. You can breed these purples from seeds by crossing red and yellow to get hybrid yellow, and then crossing these to find the distinctive purples.

Edit: The hybrid yellows will also have a chance to make green, but they make purple more often and the purples possess a fairly high probability of making green.

Oh I understand they have different genetics but was unsure if they had a better Opportunity to spawn greens than ones that you make yourself from seeds

I had to begin from scratch to get a green mommy. First put yellow and red mums together. Then some yellows will predominate. Set the new and only the new yellows together. Those will produce purples.

I have some spare hybrid reds (the type guaranteed when bred together make blue roses) if you would like them.

Thanks so much for the offer, but I'd like to try and get them on my own. I know it's kinda silly, but I feel as the accomplishment of getting all of the flowers will feel larger if it is self-sustained.

Learn from my errors! Not all purple mums are made equal. Each flower has a'DNA' of sorts with its breeding history. Shade alone will not be enough.

To be able to breed green mums, you first need to breed reddish seed mums with yellowish seed mums. Because of this you'll acquire new yellow mums with reddish DNA.

Separate the brand new hybrid yellow mums and breed them together to create the special purple mums. These mums will have the red and yellow DNA.

Separate the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells new hybrid purple mums and strain them together to make green.

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