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Drone jammer designed for electronic warfare

Drone Jammer invests in advanced capabilities to ensure countermeasures keep up with the pace of development of UAS or drone threats.

If we look closely at the current conflict, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is clearly a test bed for new military technologies, of which unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are a major feature. This follows similar incidents during the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict and earlier in the Middle East.

Advances in commercial technology will continue to increase the threat level by incorporating swarming, thermal imaging, LiDAR, GPS denial of navigation, and more. The performance will also be measured in terms of range (i.e. ranges of 20 km are not uncommon today), speed (i.e. close to 300 km/h has been recorded) and payload capacity (up to 20-30 kg routine for heavy small UAVs) improve.

These rapid advances in COTS and nation-state drone capabilities have fueled the recent rise of counter-drone solutions as an adjacent solution requirement in the broader electronic warfare (EW) capability domain. The ecosystem of drone jammer concepts and capabilities is growing rapidly, mirroring advances in drones themselves.

Modern warfare and tactics will continue to evolve. With the last two full-scale wars and the current fighting in Ukraine, we are now seeing rapid adoption of asymmetric warfare tactics by conventional forces.

That means locating enemy drones and defeating them is now critical. Unit costs need to be commensurate with the threats faced. While $2 million worth of missiles might be a tactically effective solution, the budget won't be more than one or two. Affordable anti-drone jammer guns use radio jamming and can be used over and over again. Importantly, you can have a lot.

drone jammer gun

Not only are these capabilities critical on the battlefield, but they can make us and our assets safer at home. For example, critical infrastructure is highly vulnerable to drone attacks. This is not limited to physical attacks (i.e. short-circuiting the grid by dangling wires from sites) but also extends to cyber-attacks, where perpetrators can land undetected drones near countries or national assets to disrupt operations or steal highly sensitive information. 

They are also used to smuggle drugs across borders and into prisons, to paralyze airports (even through inadvertence), to disrupt large events and cause panic, and to threaten meetings of world leaders.

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