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Stand up desk for Thanksgiving day gift

As mentioned on Thanksgiving day, Everyone agrees the dinner must be built around roast turkey stuffed with a bread dressing to absorb the tasty juices as it roasts.Thanksgiving today is,in every sense,a national annual holiday on which Americans of all faiths and backgrounds join in to express their thanks for the year' s bounty and reverently ask for continued blessings.Except that, Thanksgiving day is also a time for you to prepare gifts for your family members.stand up desk may be a perfect gift. After receiving this gift, your father or husband must really enjoy it like a happy baby.

So, I will share my advice for choosing the gift. I will explain why they like sit stand desk as follow:

1, Why are more and more people buying electric standing desk ?

2, What are the classification of electric standing desk ?

3, What parameters should be paid attention to when buying stand up desk?

4, Are there any standing desk electric is recommended ?

 electric standing desk

Why are more and more people buying stand up desks ?

As more and more people pay attention to their health, the electric adjustable desk has gradually become the choice of many people. Why is the electric desk becoming more and more popular? Here are some reasons:

1, you can avoid sedentary lifestyle by ergonomic design desk to keep away from things such as cervical vertebra, shoulder, waist and hip diseases.

2, the electric desk has strong adaptability, the table can be adjusted to different heights for adults or children using.

3,The alternative mode of sitting and standing helps to diversify thinking, stimulate creative inspiration, relieve fatigue and improve work efficiency.

What are the classification of standing desk ?

In simple classification, there are three types of stand up desk, electric type, gas spring type and crank handle type. The electric type can be divided into a single motor, dual motor and multiple motor.

Here is the brief introduction to the three types of adjustable desk, including how they work, their advantages and disadvantages.

electric type

Mainly rely on the motor to control the desk up and down, through the button or switch to achieve automatic lifting. The advantages are simple operation and smooth lifting. The disadvantage is expensive and out of operation when there is no electricity.

gas spring type

It is common on the Sit-Stand Workstation, and the principle is similar to that of Ergonomic Chair. The advantages are fast lifting speed and small volume. The disadvantage is that the service life is limited, and long-term use may relieve pressure.

crank handle type

Mainly rely on human labor to adjust the desktop. The advantage of crank standing desk is the price is cheap, the operation is simple and does not need electricity. The disadvantages are obvious, the lifting operation is time-consuming and laborious, and there are certain restrictions on the elevation height.

If you are not a Price-first shopper, electric standing desk is the best choice. If you want put it in your room and save place, standing desk small also available.

What parameters should be paid attention to when buying electric standing table ?

The purchase of electric lifting table is a process that requires patience. Before you make a decision, there are some details you should consider about.

number of motors

Motor is the core of the electric desk. More motors mean lifting stability and bearing capacity is better.

At present, the electric desk on the market is mostly based on single motor or dual-motor, both can meet the normal use. If you pursue the ultimate experience or have special needs, it is natural to choose dual motors, for the following reasons:A single motor is equipped on one side of the table leg, and the other side of the table leg is driven by a connecting rod.Dual motors are installed on both sides of the motor, through the middle controller to achieve simultaneous lifting on both sides.

Frame structure

The function of the frame is to support the desk, but also adjust the height of the desk. It is mainly divided into 2 stage and 3 stage, and there are also normal and inverted differences.

Recommended order: 3 stage>2 stage; normal>invert. 3 stage frames have a larger range of adjustable height. The normal frame is not only more beautiful, but also better in stability, and can avoid the situation of oil leakage caused by the sealing problem.

material and size

There are a lot of materials on the market, such as solid wood, plywood, shaving board, particle board and tempered glass. Nowadays, bamboo standing desk is also available for you.

Recommended order: solid wood>plywood>shaving board>particle board. The best is solid wood, and it's expensive. As to tempered glass, it depends on your preference. Besides the material, you should also pay attention to the size. The common table size is (LxW),40"x24", 48"x24",55x24",63"x24".

height range and weight capacity

The height range refers to the highest position when raising and the lowest position when lowering . You should take your height and usage scenario into consideration.

On the market, the lifting range of the mainstream electric lifting table value is about 25"-50".</p"">

Weight capacity performance can indirectly reflect the quality of the desk. Good bearing performance at the same time indicates the lifting stability is not too bad.

Auxiliary functions

When selecting the auxiliary function, the height memory function must be considered. It can preset several different heights in advance, convenient for the use of one-key adjustment.As for time reminder, Bluetooth /APP control, wired fast charge/wireless fast charge and other functions, these depend on your own needs. For computer game enthusiast dad, standing desk with drawers is a good choice.

Are there any best standing desk recommended ?

There are many brands of standing desk, today, I would recommend FEZiBO desk to you.

Production Description
  • Desktop design: up to five choices, spliced board, standard, single drawer, circular arc, double drawers. height adjustable desk is more suitable for office.
  • Desktop color: up to four choices, rustic brown, black, white, espresso.
  • Desktop Size: up to four choices (LxW),40"x24", 48"x24",55"x24",63"x24".
  • Adjustable Height Range: 27" to 46"
  • Weight-Loading Capacity: 115lbs
  • Frame: Basic 2 stage
  • Adjustable system: electric drive, single motor.

This electric standing desk can offer you dad more choices of desktop design, color, and size than other brands. The adjustable height range is relatively wider. Single motor is enough to satisfy demand for daily use and gives the product an affordable price.

Although FEZiBO is a relatively new brand, the product quality and design concept are outstanding in the same field.

There are also standing I shaped desk for choice if your dad prefer work with plenty of electric devices.

If your honey is game fans´╝îstanding gaming desk is a perfect gift. With the desk, it gives him a more healthy position than other desk.

May be his win rate is also beneficial from that. Do not afraid standing computer desk will rob your honey from you, it can help reduce many health issues for him. They can diminish strain on the spine and improve back health. They can decrease the stress levels, fatigue levels and pain so that people can work for longer hours with less toll on their bodies.Besides ergonomic office chair gives extra comfort and support to the upper back. A synchro-tilt mechanism with a single locking feature lets users recline and lean back easily. A soft and adjustable head-rest will provide the required support to the neck and head.

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