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The basic idea of this is that those who were

The basic idea of FIFA 23 Coins this is that those who were transferred during the summer can be selected for Ones to Watch, meaning they are given a unique card design and released via packs, Squad Building Challenges and/or Objectives. Then if they secure an in-form (Team of the Week) card at their new club, they will be added to the Ones to Watch is automatically changed to reflect their updated numbers.
This is what's known in FUT parlance as a 'dynamic card' as it is able to change based on circumstances outside of the game. However, since the majority of OTW players never got an good form (adapting to the new rules of a club is difficult to do unless you're Erling),
In the year 2000, EA last year, EA changed the way OTW cards function by introducing an "Wins to Watch' feature. As this is a (weird) World Cup year, FIFA 23's Ones to Watch cards may also get the possibility of a 'Nations Watch' upgrade.
The athletes in Serie A are the highest rated players within the league, and it is important to pay attention to these players when choosing teams.
Serie A is the highest league of football in Italy. The league has a total of 20 teams with different objectives, which they aim to achieve at cheapest FUT 23 Coins the end of the season. Since the last few years, the quality of the league has deteriorated however that hasn't stopped new players from joining teams.

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