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Lost Ark has added CAPTCHA prompts which appear during the transition between zones

The information is available by clicking on the question mark next to the NPC's Rapport bar while you're in dialogue with them Lost Ark Gold.
Additionally, the amount of Rapport points needed to go up the levels also differs between NPCs , and it can also increase as you go up through the levels. Also, the amount of Rapport XP you need for the next level will be displayed when you are in conversation with the specific NPC. All Rapport spent that puts you at a level cap will be used towards the next level, meaning it will not be wasted.
Where Are My Rapport Items and Are They Valued?
If you start the Gift dialog with any Rapport NPC it will display the items you have in your inventory that they will accept. But if you'd like to examine the larger picture, open the Inventory Click onto the Storage tab, then on the Rapport tab.
This is where all your Rapport things are broken up according to the rarity. When you hover over any one it will show you its Rapport value. Take note that certain Rapport items are most sought-after by certain NPCs. If you're trying to max someone out, and you're running out of items, it's worth trying to reserve these items when you met them. In this case, an item worth 300 to most NPCs may be worth 450 for those who really want that present.
Which NPCs should I begin With?
The Rapport NPCs you decide to focus on is likely to depend on several variables, and there's never a 'right' answer. These are a few options that could affect your decision:
Particular rewards: We'll discuss some specific characters below, but some NPC rewards are more valuable than others.
Convenience: If you're a casual player with limited time and are working across an entire continent, it's best to concentrate on Rapport NPCs who are close by. Every one of them will give you something Lost ark gold buy, but ultimately you will need all of them.

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