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Smoking vs. Vaping: Consumer Survey Report

We contacted 5000 Smoking Vaporizer users to take an anonymous survey and received around 700 responses at the time of writing to gauge consumer perceptions of vaporizing vs smoking. There are several studies, like one in 2007 by the Harm Reduction Journal, that attempt to determine the overall health effects of both consumption methods. Our main interest in this survey, however, is to gain insight into how vaporizer users, as well as their friends and family, perceive the two different methods of consumption. Our hypothesis is that people generally view vaping as a less harmful method of consumption than smoking. That's why they're glad they made the switch. Those affected would like the health insurance companies and laws to treat the two methods differently. Customers received Likert Scale instructions in which we asked them to rate each statement on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 clearly disagreeing with this statement and 10 expressly agreeing with it. In order to keep the data simple, we have determined the rankings 1 - 4, which are classified as disagreeing, 5 - 6 is neutral and 7-10 is rated as agreeing. The results can be found below.

Is vaping the same as smoking?

When consumers are asked if they consider their concentrate vaporizer as a smoking device, 67% of respondents disagree with this statement and only 19% agree. The general perception seems to be that people who use vaporizers basically feel that there is a difference between the two methods of ingestion and do not consider them to be one and the same.

If you formulate the statement a little more clearly by explaining the different modes of consumption, 92% of the reviewers believe that these two methods are fundamentally different. It is interesting that there is a huge difference between this answer and the former. Maybe it's just a case of formulations, and some of those who use vaporizers still refer to the exhaled vapor as smoke and therefore believe that vaping and smoking are similar in concept.

on April 30 at 11:13

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